About Me

My name is Brian Abbott and I am a Cyber Security major in Savannah, GA.

I’m 30 and I’m still in school. I declared Computer Science at the University of Alabama, but I auditioned twice to get into the Jazz Studies department. I was accepted second time around and spent 2 years as a jazz studies major. My principal instrument was guitar. I was one of three guitarists in a highly competitive program. Being a jazz studies major was one of the most difficult things I have done in my life, but when I look back at the passion I had for music I don’t harbor any regrets.

I transferred back to Armstrong State University when I was two semesters from graduation at Alabama. Due to the different curriculum between the two music degrees my two semesters turned into two years. I declared liberal arts after a semester or two to get out the door and into law school faster.

In 2015 I studied for the LSAT. My diagnostic score was a 151. I had difficulty increasing my score but after intense drilling I scored a 161, a 159 and a 160 on 35-minute sections. I scored a 166 when I removed time constraints. During this time I was writing really bad PHP to make money for my dad.

While I was studying for the LSAT I would go to the library and read books on database theory during breaks. My sister Carolyn encouraged me to go into IT, and I declared a Cyber Security major in the Summer of 2017.

You can change the world with a database and a server side scripting language. I’m passionate about web development, and I hope to start a music education website as a hobby.

I have too many hours for financial aid. I refuse to date while I live with my parents at age 30. My goal is to be financially independent throughout my college career beginning in 2019. When I wake up I code. I don’t play guitar very much right now but when I am older I plan to start a band.

I’ve posted some recordings of myself playing guitar below and a little about them. Guitar was a big part of my life and this page would be incomplete without posting some recordings.


Bricks will Fly – I wrote this when I was listening to a lot of Allan Holdsworth.


Octangular Motion – This song was written by Alex Coe and recorded at a gig in Athens, GA. We were going for some STS9 influenced psychedelic madness. The song is sandwiched in Front Porch by Umphrey’s Mcgee. Ben Lewis took the drum solo.


Chilly Water – this is a Widespread Panic cover I did with my first band in high school. The guitar was heavily influenced by Michael Houser and Warren Haynes.


Ghostbusters – this was recorded at a gig in Athens, GA in 2008. This song is proof that singers should not be allowed to consume as much alcohol as the rest of the band.


Bach – Borree (BWV 996) – this was recorded in preparation for my Jazz Studies audition. The program consisted of classical and jazz guitar and this was my classical piece.


Stormy Jam – This is a jam session that later became Stormy Weather, a song I wrote. I recorded this with some good friends.


Rockin’ in the Free World¬†– This is a recording from a high school Battle of the Bands. My solo was heavily influenced by Michael Houser’s guitar solo in Savannah, GA on 11.06.1996


El Gaucho РWayne Shorter piece. I have Dr. Reese at Armstrong State University to thank for me learning this.


Charlie Christian – 7 Come 11 Solo – I transcribed this solo at Alabama for a pre semester assignment. I transcribed a lot of solos but this is one of the few I recorded.


Steely Dan – Reelin’ in the Years Solo – Steely Dan is one of my favorite bands.