Functions Type Hinting and Void Functions in PHP 7

Overview Since PHP5 functions had the ability to accept arrays and classes as parameter types. Now PHP 7 expands that list to bool, float, int, string. You can also set types for the return values, and allow for these values to accept a null value. Finally you can set a function as void which will prevent it from […]

PHP POST Form Inputs – Multidimensional Arrays

In PHP it is common to have form inputs with the same name. Many times these will be generated dynamically (i.e. a WordPress Repeatable Custom Meta Field). PHP stores these values to the POST Superglobal as a multidimensional array. To begin with, run this example script here PHP Form Inputs Example.

Securing an Apache Virtual Site with a Self Signed Certificate

This article follows the dev virtual site which can be viewed here. In that tutorial we created a virtual site called new site. The site we created was http meaning the packets are sent unencrypted. This means passwords and other data sent will be viewable to others on the network. A password to log into […]

WordPress Ajax Autocomplete with Custom Post Types and Meta Fields

Autocomplete in WordPress is a little different than it would be if you created everything from scratch. That said it’s not any more difficult, just different. In this tutorial we will create an application using WordPress Ajax Autocomplete. Let’s get started.